Online Master's Degree:Social Impact

Make a Difference with Social Entrepreneurship

The M.A. in Social Impact teaches you to envision and implement programs that generate positive and sustainable impact within your community—and beyond. If you are an emerging leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, this online social justice / social entrepreneurship / human rights master's degree will give you the perspectives you need to be the catalyst for new social endeavors in your community.

Learning Outcomes

This online master's degree in Social Impact aligns with the mission of Claremont Lincoln University to educate leaders capable of reaching across differences to create a more just and sustainable world. In this program you will learn:

  • Social Impact Literacy: Synthesize the history, heritage, and context of social change and innovation for application to current world problems.
  • Interpersonal Communication: Develop and demonstrate the interpersonal and engagement skills necessary for effective leaders in a global community or organization.
  • Social Leadership: Function as mindful humanistic change agents and empathetic leaders skilled and knowledgeable about how to catalyze and sustain changes in social systems.
  • Resource Models: Develop resourcing strategies built on current market principles and procedures.
  • Social Evaluation: Develop and employ evaluation and learning approaches to gain visibility on and adapt efforts for systems change and social innovation.
  • Action Research: Research, analyze, and determine appropriate methods and contemporary strategies for designing and implementing initiatives that generate positive social impact.

Completion Time

15 Months



100% Online






Online Accredidation


The curriculum for the M.A. in Social Impact is designed to teach you the skills and prospectives to be a thoughtful leader in social endeavors. You will learn the historical context of social impact and how to develop resource models for implementing social programs.

Social Impact courses are taken along The Claremont Core®. These courses teach the skills to engage in dialogue and inclusive collaboration with diverse communities to bring about positive and sustainable social change.

Social Impact Courses

The Claremont Core

Capstone Action Project

Claremont Core Curriculum

Engagement Skills for Creating a Sustainable Impact

In an increasingly interconnected world, leaders who want to make positive, sustainable change need to develop the critical perspectives and collaborative skills necessary to reach across traditional barriers of ideology, culture, and faith. At CLU, we put development of these capabilities at the center of our degree programs. The result is the Claremont Core®, a sequence of four innovative courses. Progress through the Core takes you through a process of self-awareness and steadily evolves towards engagement with others and society at large.

The Claremont Core

Program Highlights

Capstone Action Project

By the end of student’s coursework at CLU, they will articulate and apply a change management program that they can use to facilitate positive change in any context.

Weekend Gatherings

Twice a year at the beginning of the Fall and Spring academic terms, CLU brings together students, faculty, community leaders and friends of the university for an intentional time of networking, socializing, and collaborative learning.


We believe the online format gives working professionals a rich and dynamic collaborative learning environment where they can dialogue with classmates more effectively and engage with the learning on their schedule.

Program Benefits:

  • Become a Changemaker by learning from internationally-recognized scholars and interact with professional adult students from around the world.
  • Applied-learning curriculum influenced by Ashoka U Commons, the largest social entrepreneurship foundation in the nation.
  • Learn to grow your social enterprise using leading-edge research and tools mentored by experienced Social Entrepreneurs, Award-Winning Authors, Think-Tank Members, and Fulbright Scholars.
  • Learn to be a Thought Leader by mastering social innovation from industry leaders to help make a meaningful impact in your community.
  • Guided social impact capstone project designed to provide students with a strategy plan to execute on their ideas.


As a graduate of the Master of Arts in Social Impact, you’ll be prepared to drive progress towards a more compassionate and ethical society. The skills and competencies this degree offers you can apply to careers in:

  • Social service agencies
  • Non-government organizations (NGO)
  • Non-profits
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Civic organizations
  • Social enterprises
  • Cultural organizations


  • Darrell Ezell, Ph.D. — V.P. of Academic Affairs Dr. Emad Rahim,                     Dean of Social Impact and  Lincoln Scholar Fellow
  •  Dr. Khuram Hussain
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Dr. Rick Johnson
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Dr. Casey Reason
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Dr. V. Nita Evans
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Dr. Kendra L. Smith
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Christian Baldia
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Dr. Alvin Perry
  • Online Social Justice Master's Degree
    Andy Lieberman
  • Master's Degree in Social Entrepreneurship
    Jennifer Lonergan, Ph.D.
  • Robert Mittelman
    Robert Mittelman, Ph.D..
  • Sarah Smith Orr
    Sarah Smith Orr, Ph.D.
  • Stan Ward
    Stan Ward, Ph.D. — Dean of Capstone Studies
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