Online by Design

A Collaborative Online Learning Environment

The master’s degrees at Claremont Lincoln University are online by design. We believe the online format gives working professionals a rich and dynamic collaborative learning environment where they can dialogue with classmates more effectively and engage with the learning on their schedule.

How it Works

At the beginning of each week, the instructor provides learning materials for you to review. Students engage in lively discussion each week, drawing from readings, video lectures, and other resources in an intuitive, mobile-friendly course management system called Canvas, which has features to help facilitate collaboration with faculty and classmates.

Works with Your Schedule

All of CLU courses are asynchronous, meaning that you are not going to be meeting at a set time each week. However, you will occasionally be asked to be in teams for collaboration activities. Students usually login about 4 days a week during the 10-week term and our classroom sizes average 10 students. You will be engaging with a collaborative cohort of like-minded individuals to reinforce and support this highly interactive learning experience.

The Learning Experience

In each course, weekly learning modules contain your learning objectives for the week, a list of readings, text, articles, or websites, an introduction from your instructor, videos and/or media related to the learning content, and discussion questions are listed.  Due dates are assigned and students create original posts each week to discussion boards allowing for deeper synthesis and analysis of the materials.

Designed for You

All of the learning content and activities are carefully designed by a group of subject matter experts and course design specialists to ensure that you are prepared to master the learning outcomes of the courses and your chosen program. At Claremont Lincoln University, the online learning experience is engaging, intuitive, and ideal for the working professional no matter where you live or what hours you keep.