A Message from The President

Dear CLU Community, With the current political climate, the recent wildfires in California, and national events involving violent shootings, it is time for us to think about how we might work together collaboratively.  Most people have good intentions when it comes to collaboration but in the midst of difficult discussion, they often lack the skills to move to problem resolution.  Habits of blaming, exaggeration, telling and ridicule reduce the discussion to argument.  Given that no one likes to be put on the defensive, it is time to recommit to using some key Claremont Core® principles: Ask questions to understand the other person’s point of view.  You do not need to agree but it is respectful to keep an open mind and listen to the other person’s reasoning.  Perhaps you will learn something new. Few things are conclusively right or wrong and that becomes truer the more complex the issue.  As Albert Einstein said, “most things that count can’t be counted”.  Create the habit of looking for the next right answer.  It is a pathway that two or more can follow. When you look for small things that get conversations “off track”, one of the worst offenders is that little word “you”.  “You” is like a silent finger pointing at the other person and is usually followed by a negative like “you only focus on what is good for you.”  Using “I” statements keeps you out of trouble and if you follow the “I” with a negative statement at least it is about yourself. Claremont Lincoln continues to embed its core principles in new programs.  By 2019 we hope to launch three new concentrations within the Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership: Emergency and  Crisis Management; Technology Management, and Higher Education.  In 2019, we will develop at least 4 new full programs in the areas of Healthcare, Human Resources, Higher Education Leadership and Public Administration.  Like our current programs, each of these disciplines will have a special focus on using advanced engagement skills to attain results.  Please share these new programs with your colleagues so that we can fill these new programs. On that note, enrollment continues to increase.  Both enrollment and academic teams are working together to expand our reach to students and to provide useful and enlightening professional education.  We will begin 2019 with approximately 140 students (a growth of 250% in population from the start of 2018).  Our professional and academic certificates will also experience an expansion.  Our growth is driven by our commitment to share the wisdom and ethics of David C. Lincoln.  His dream was to teach people to work together collaboratively to solve the world’s most pressing issues.  He believed in education.  He believed in valuing multiple perspectives.  He believed in kindness.  His birthday was November 10th—happy birthday, David.  We continue your legacy. In signing off, let us be grateful at this Thanksgiving time for all that we have.  Let us open our hearts, minds and pocketbooks to those who have less.  Let us become social engineers that the world needs. — Dr. Eileen Aranda, CLU President
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