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Unprecedented Scholarship Promotes Ethical Leadership in Hollywood
December 15, 2014

Claremont Lincoln University is pleased to announce the establishment of the Nadia Bronson Ethical Leadership Memorial Scholarship, the first and only known academic award to be granted to students who demonstrate the potential for ethical leadership in the entertainment industry.

Bronson was a truly special leader in Hollywood, where she worked to promote some of the world’s top-selling movies of all time. Both personally and professionally, she had a reputation for setting the standard, always raising the bar and accepting nothing less than excellence. Tough, persuasive, but never one to compromise her values, she was a standout in the industry.

“Nadia was a living example of integrity, tremendous charisma and a work ethic second to none,” said Claremont Lincoln University Executive Vice President Laura Burgis. “No matter how high the stakes or who the powerful players, Nadia demonstrated how to navigate the complexities and politics in a challenging industry where success often comes by compromising values.”

Together with her family, Claremont Lincoln chose to establish the scholarship in her honor, with the hopes of carrying on the tradition and gifts that Bronson gave to the world. The Nadia Bronson Ethical Leadership Memorial Scholarship is the first and only known scholarship designated specifically to address ethical leadership in the entertainment industry.

Tanya Simpson, Bronson’s daughter, said her mother would be pleased.

“Mom was inspired by the vision of Claremont Lincoln University,” Simpson said. “In many ways, it reflects the values that she held to steadfastly throughout her career. This scholarship is a worthwhile cause to bear her name.”

Bronson, described by colleagues as a person of “impeccable humanity,” passed away last month following a long battle with cancer. “I’ve known Nadia my entire life,” said Burgis. “She was a true leader, a role model for all of us. We want to see her example continue on in the world. She’s an inspiration.”

A native of France, Nadia served as president of international theatrical marketing and distribution at Universal during her 25-year tenure with the company. During that time, she oversaw the international campaigns of hundreds of films with combined international box office sales surpassing billions of dollars each year, including some of the industry’s top-grossing films of all time.

She then founded Nadia Bronson and Associates, Inc., a leading global entertainment consulting firm overseeing the Golden Globe campaigns for films receiving an astounding number of nominations and wins, including many best film awards. In 2002, she was awarded France’s highest cultural honor, inducted as an officer in the Order of Arts and Letters for “contributions that have illuminated culture in France and around the world.”

The ‘Queen of Cannes’ will have her legacy live on in the entertainment industry through this unique program. Candidates for the Nadia Bronson Ethical Leadership Scholarship should embody her strength, moral character and potential for transforming the entertainment industry. They should demonstrate the potential to apply the training and skills learned to establish a strong moral compass and high standard to the industry.

For more information about a memorial gift to this endowment, or for information on how to apply, contact Dr. Laura Burgis at 909-667-4420.