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Para Los Niños and Claremont Lincoln University Partner for Educational Growth
October 14, 2019

Partnership gives more opportunity for those working to help children and youth thrive in Los Angeles

CLAREMONT, Calif., September 6, 2019 -- Claremont Lincoln University (CLU) and Para Los Niños (PLN) are partnering to provide tuition assistance for PLN employees. This partnership will offer scholarships toward all CLU master’s degree programs and to workshops, both online and on-site.


CLU, an online by design graduate school providing socially conscious education, offers master’s degrees in Human Resources Management, Social Impact, Peace and Social Justice, Healthcare Administration, and Organizational Leadership with concentrations in 7 disciplines: Civic Engagement, Ethics, Healthcare, Higher Education, Human Resources, Professional Studies, and Technology Management. 


“This partnership has been a long time coming and we are excited to work with PLN,” said CLU COO Joseph Sallustio. “Graduating with our master’s degrees provides students with personal and career development, and through their socially conscious capstone work, students will continue to impact L.A.’s heart and soul -- its children, youth, and families across cultures and communities.”


“The Para Los Niños staff of over 400 are true changemakers – working every day to make progress on our mission to foster pathways to success through excellent education, powerful families, and strong communities,” said PLN President and CEO Drew Furedi. “We are thrilled to have this partnership supporting their education as well. Acquiring a master’s degree from CLU will not only build on an employee’s individual and social impact, it will increase the impact they have on their work with the over 6,000 children, youth and adults PLN works with each year in L.A.”


The partnership will go into effect immediately, and both CLU and PLN look forward to the outcomes this opportunity will have for the students, the staff, and the community.


About Claremont Lincoln University:

Claremont Lincoln University is an online, non-profit graduate university with a mission to equip students with 21st Century leadership skills.  Their socially conscious online master's degrees teach the engagement skills, behaviors and mindsets needed to navigate diverse interests and find common ground for peaceful and inclusive solutions.  For more information about Claremont Lincoln University, visit


About Para Los Niños:

Founded on Skid Row in 1980, Para Los Niños provides education and wraparound support to over 6,000 of L.A.’s neediest children, youth, and families each year. PLN fosters pathways to success by striving for excellence in education, family support, and comprehensive social-emotional, and community based services.


Through early-education, tk-8th grade education, youth workforce services, and family and community services Para Los Niño’s’ model provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to break the cycle of poverty and help children and youth thrive.  Visit for more information.