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11 Leadership Skills Needed to Meet Civic Moments A longer, more complete description.
News & Stories:
11 Leadership Skills Needed to Meet Civic Moments
June 15, 2021

What is one tool or skill needed to be a leader in order to meet this new civic moment?

To help current and aspiring leaders develop the skills they need in today’s world, we asked business leaders and CEOs this question for their best advice. From leading with empathy to fostering the growth of their teams, there are several aspects of leadership to master that may help you guide a team to success in the current climate and beyond. 

Here are 11 leadership tools you need to meet this new civic moment:

  • Lead With Empathy
  • Emphasize Ethics
  • Prioritize Self-Development
  • Foster Growth
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Walk a Mile
  • Keep Your Composure
  • Lend an Ear
  • Be Transparent
  • Nurture Self-Starters
  • Stay Connected


Lead With Empathy 

We emphasize leadership at our institution. One of our key proficiencies is citizenship, which focuses on how our students can contribute to the community with empathy. As a boarding school with students from international countries, the ability to respect and empathize with diverse cultures, experiences, and backgrounds is of utmost importance.

Samantha Hughes, Stuart Hall School

Emphasize Ethics

Leaders should always take into consideration the ethical consequences of decisions they are making for the company, consumers, and their team. To do this, you must remain open, honest, and willing to admit your mistakes. This skill will increase your awareness of civic responsibility and ethical practices, which reflect on yourself and the company as a whole.

Ajay Mehta, Birthdate Co.

Prioritize Self-Development

Leaders today should always be looking inward to assess their strengths and areas for growth. As leaders, we ask this of our teams all the time — to grow their territories, improve productivity, the list goes on. But if you’re not growing and continuously developing your own skillset, you aren’t giving your team your best. At Markitors, we make sure our goals are SMART, and everyone, including myself, works toward new goals every quarter.  

Jenn Christie, Markitors

Foster Growth 

Leadership skills are increasingly important as leadership quality is a significant determinant in the success of an organization. One skill needed to be a leader in order to meet this new civic moment is team development. Developing partnerships with employees and working together with them to develop and achieve goals will help build rapport and loyalty.

Andrew Bernstein, Kinder Beauty

Resolve Conflicts 

One skill needed to be a leader in order to meet this new civic moment is conflict resolution. Conflict is a normal part of any interpersonal relationship, and it is inevitable in the workplace. It is expressed in various ways, and its causes range from poor communication to personality differences to organizational mismanagement. Resolving conflict is a skill that can be taught, developed, and refined. Possessing the ability to resolve conflict will enable you to better handle difficult and uncomfortable situations while working towards a favorable resolution.

Bill Yates, Velociteach

Walk a Mile 

It is imperative for leaders to embrace the understanding that until they have walked a mile in someone else's shoes, they can not begin to understand them. Accepting what one doesn't know is the first step to discovery and dialogue. When a leader owns the fact that they approach the world through their own experiences, and so does everyone else, they can then seek to learn with an open mind. 

Diane Helbig, Helbig Enterprises

Keep Your Composure 

A leadership skill necessary to succeed in the new civic moment is remaining calm and patient through high-pressure situations. Today's leaders need to navigate through difficult decisions and have to enjoy working under pressure. Having excellent communication skills is also vital in a current leadership position. Being able to effectively communicate your vision to your team while creating excitement and camaraderie is difficult but necessary to succeed as a leader in today's society.

Brandon Monaghan, Miracle Brand

Lend an Ear 

Everyone in the workplace deserves to have a voice. As a leader, you must submit yourself to the people under you. Listening is a key component of effective communication. During the current era of civil unrest, you have to be able to listen to perspectives from your team and give space to the essential messages. You must be a detailed listener to communicate professionally and personally in order to grow your knowledge base and enhance the work experience for everyone.

Brent Wicksly, Wicksly

Be Transparent

Being mindful of your manufacturing source, for instance, as a jewelry company, is crucial. The buyer wants to take an ethical stance and wear something that represents who they are in every sense of the word. Leaders must be transparent and discern between ethical and unethical means of manufacturing and distribution to align with consumer demand. They must demand transparency from sources that are affiliated with their business, such as a shoe company stationing their workforce in South Asia. With good judgment comes the freedom to be transparent without holding back. That said, transparency is paramount. With publications discovering faulty sources for manufacturing, it can be the determining factor in a successful or failed outcome.

Dan Potter, CRAFTD

Nurture Self-Starters 

I think one great skill needed to be a leader in order to meet this new civic moment is to encourage your employees to be self-starters. Having an entrepreneurial spirit is key these days, given the current environment. Any leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit themselves and can teach others how to foster theirs are way ahead of the game.

Dennis Hegstad, LiveRecover

Stay Connected 

To be a successful leader in today's new civic moment, one needs to recognize the importance of staying connected with employees. Communication is critical in maintaining great relationships between leaders and team members. As a leader, you have to be present and available to your employees. Do daily check-ins with employees to keep them on track but also to listen to any concerns or feedback they might have to offer. Keeping team members happy, comfortable, and optimistic should be a top priority. 

In my company, we encourage our leaders to focus on inclusivity and transparency. It is vital for us to have a stream of communication in which employees feel comfortable to express their thoughts as well as making sure those thoughts are recognized. With feedback from our employees, we assign challenges to specific leaders to implement visible improvements in our company culture and daily workforce environment.

Ashwinn Sokke, WOW Skin Science

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