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CLU Offers Full and Partial Tuition Scholarships to Interfaith Youth Core Alumni Students
January 9, 2017
Claremont Lincoln University (CLU) and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) are both entities in which students work together collaboratively, while celebrating their differences. Aligned in values, both CLU and IFYC are working to bring people together, address perennial social problems, and ultimately change the world. IFYC engages interfaith leaders, in colleges across the country, who are leading movements on their respective campuses in an effort to bring people together. As an online graduate university, CLU offers Masters of Arts degree programs in three targeted areas designed to help transform our world – Interfaith Action, Social Impact and Ethical Leadership. For many IFYC alumni, an advanced degree in one of these areas is a very viable next step. CLU’s innovative, online, academic platform allows students a learning experience that is as fluid and mobile as they are. Working with global thought leaders and change-agents, the CLU faculty represents various backgrounds and faiths from all over the world and the online teaching models are convenient to students throughout the United States and abroad. CLU educational programs are offered with a secular global perspective designed to bridge the social divides while focusing on mindfulness and collaboration that transcends cultural, religious, and ideological barriers. Both accessible and affordable, each of the three Masters degrees can be obtained in 12 months and individual program costs are only $18,000. CLU is proud to be partnering with IFYC to offer scholarships and discounts to all IFYC alumni. All IFYC alumni who are admitted each term will receive a partial scholarship to attend CLU. Additionally, one full tuition scholarship will be awarded each academic year. All admission requirements must be submitted for consideration. After meeting admission requirements, students must remain in good academic standing to continue receiving the scholarship. For more information, please contact our admissions team at About Interfaith Youth Core ifyc-alumni-photo Interfaith Youth Core is a movement-building organization working to make interfaith cooperation a social norm, beginning on college and university campuses. Through its people, programs and partnerships they engage the higher education sector to ensure that emerging leaders leave college as interfaith leaders, with the skill set and knowledge base required participate in a religiously diverse civil society. IFYC works across the ecology of a campus, offering direct support and unique resources to students, staff, and faculty members who are doing excellent interfaith work. Their programs include student social action campaigns and trainings, capacity building engagements, resources to help faculty and staff, and assessments to measure campus climate. Beyond college, IFYC helps connect a growing network of alumni to interfaith leadership opportunities throughout life. To learn more visit and get updates on Twitter via @IFYC.