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9 Reasons to PursueHigher EducationOnline | Claremont Lincoln University A longer, more complete description.
News & Stories:
9 Reasons to Pursue
Higher Education
April 15, 2021

Why pursue higher education online?

To help you figure out if pursuing higher education online is right for you, we asked business leaders and entrepreneurs this question for their thoughts. From having more time and flexibility to no geographic limits on your education, there are several reasons that may help convince you to pursue higher education online.

Here are nine reasons to pursue
your higher education online:

  • Flexibility
  • More Options
  • Provided Opportunities
  • Time Is Not Free
  • There Are No Geographic Limits On Your Education
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • More Family Time
  • Networking And A Higher Degree
  • Convenient For Those Who Can’t Travel

1. Flexibility

"Pursuing higher education online is a great option for individuals who do not have the luxury of being in school full time. Regardless of whether you work full time, have kids, or take care of an elderly parent, online school is a great way for you to advance your career without making any major sacrifices. Life is all about balance, and I think online degrees certainly cater to that!"
Vanessa Molica,
The Lash Professional

2. More Options

"As someone who pursued my Master’s degree online, my main motivation for doing this was to give me the flexibility needed to continue working while studying. That is, by studying for a part-time Master’s degree online while doing full-time work, I was able to keep building my professional profile (and earn a salary) while also gaining the additional academic credentials I needed to further my career. Doing this in an online format was also more attractive for me as it allowed me to listen to lectures and work on my studies around my job-related commitments. It also meant that I could choose a university anywhere in the world, not one that happened to be located near me, as would have been the case if I was pursuing in-person higher education. This gave me access to a much better, more reputable course in my area of study that wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't chosen an online option."
Anna Barker,
Logical Dollar

3. Provided Opportunities

"Online education provides me with the flexibility to work towards my doctorate degree while I continue to lead a fulfilling life with family, career, and personal goals. Being an online student, I have only seen opportunities present themselves to me. Additionally, in response to the global pandemic, educational institutions have been tasked to step up their technologies, innovate their curricula, and create more meaningful experiences for learners. This is all to our advantage as online students!"

4. Time Is Not Free

"Completing your schooling online is a wonderful benefit that previous generations did not have the privilege of. With the economy requiring full-time work, family obligations, and the scheduling constraints inherent with both, being able to choose when and how to attend your classes online has given huge advantages to those who might not otherwise have them. Online education not only fills in the gaps you might have in your knowledge or skill base, but it also shows employers just how dedicated you are to improving yourself and your contributions to the company and society. Everyone deserves an opportunity to improve themselves and their position. Online education has and will continue to help millions of people around the world."
Jeff Welch,
Grab the Axe

5. There Are No Geographic Limits On Your Education

"Being able to live in one place and take classes elsewhere from whatever college or university is an amazing option these days. So you could be in, say, Tampa, Florida, and going to school in Ohio. You could even be traveling around the country or globe and still be able to log into your courses; as long as you can access the Internet, you'll be able to attend classes and do the work. It's even possible to log into classes at a time that's convenient for you. Something that allows you to work, structure your day as you see best, etc. So there's tremendous flexibility with online learning!"

6. Follow Your Dreams

"Being able to pursue higher education online means you can truly be selective in the degree and direction of your future. Instead of “fitting in” to a local program, the ability to find the right education allows you to fulfill your dreams, all while remaining in the comfort of your own home. Many executive-level programs fit in and around your work schedule, which keeps you moving forward. Online education has opened many doors to advancing your true career path than ever before."
Jenn Christie,

7. More Family Time

"When I received my Master's degree, I took classes both in-person and online. Taking classes online had definite advantages. First, you spend more time at home since you're not on a commute going to and from campus. This enables you to spend more time with family. For people with children, this is ideal since they don't need a babysitter. This is also helpful for people with day jobs outside the home if they can go to school from home online. Also, you save wear and tire on your car since you're using it less. Productivity is enhanced since you're not spending time driving. For instance, you have more time to do homework. Pursuing education online is definitely better."

8. Networking And A Higher Degree

"In the business world, successful experience does the most talking. If you can brag about multiple degrees but don’t have much to show for them, higher education isn’t going to do much for you. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and have extensive experience and positive outcomes, those extra degrees are only going to help your credibility. So, what’s the lesson from this? Focus your time and energy on developing your skills and building your brand. In your ‘extra’ time, earn an MBA or something of the like through an online education program. It’s the combination of my experience and education that led me to become the COO of Hayden Girls. I am incredibly grateful to the schools for the knowledge, leadership, and connections they provided when I attended (before online programs were well established). In today’s digital world, online programs can be equally rewarding."
Hosea Chang,
Hayden Girls

9. Convenient For Those Who Can’t Travel

"People with small kids and those living in remote locations benefit from remote education programs, not attending the classes offline. As many life events that limit our traveling ability are unpredictable, independence from the institution’s location is always relevant. It also allows choosing from a wider pool of available curriculums."
Rebeca Sena,

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