Scholarship Support

Your generosity to help offset the cost of tuition is extremely important. Your scholarship gift can help make an enduring difference to a CLU student. The students you support are the current and future social change agents of communities around the world. Thought our students will all take very different paths after graduation, they all will undoubtedly be on the front lines to provide compassionate and smart service and discover new approaches that will enrich and improve the lives of individuals and communities for future generations.

Unrestricted Support

Unrestricted funds are donations that are available for the President’s discretionary use to support the CLU mission. Although it is not uncommon for unrestricted donations to support operating costs, these charitable funds ultimately provide presidential flexibility to address the greatest needs of CLU.

CLU Annual Fund

The CLU Annual Fund is a yearly solicitation asking potential supporters to consider a variety of priority initiatives. Consistent annual support at any level is greatly appreciated.

Program Support

Your gift will exclusively support all activities associated with the program of your choosing.

Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Foreign Affairs (CSRCFA)

Your gift will elusively support all activities associated with the CSRCFA initiative.

Global Peacemakers Fellowship

Fully funded fellowships for young professionals to pursue a M.A. in Interfaith Action and develop a capstone project that promotes international peace through the practice of interfaith engagement.

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