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CLU Partners with Leading Online Platform Watershed Collaborative

Watershed Collaborative Team: Nick Gardner and Lynn Pyfer

New Partnership Aims to Deliver Innovation in Teaching and Learning 

CLAREMONT, Calif., – With the steady rise and demand for online learning, and the start of Fall Term around the corner, colleges and universities are continually seeking opportunities to provide more effective teaching and learning outcomes.  For Claremont Lincoln University, the announcement about their new partnership with Watershed Collaborative, a non-profit with a mission to enhance the online learning experience through advanced LMS technology, comes at the right time as CLU expands certificate education.

CLU Instructional Design and Marketing Teams: Pictured from Left – Rina Dakanay, Donald Robinson, Arbazz Nizami, Abigail Fuller, and Dr. David Carter

Both organizations view this as the ideal union between two cutting edge non-profit institutions dedicated to providing innovative teaching and learning practices.  This partnership will be a welcomed boost for Claremont Lincoln University’s certificate programs which are distinctly “online by design” and socially conscious.


“Our partnership with Claremont Lincoln has been invaluable to us as we develop our platform to serve the objectives of progressive, learner-centered educators and institutions,” said Nick Gardner, executive director of Watershed.  “We think we’re on track to offer innovative and mission-driven education organizations— like Claremont Lincoln—an LMS [Learning Management System] that is significantly more aligned with their priorities and practices than the incumbent platforms.”


“We strive to provide the best experience possible for our students through increased engagement and digital content that is ‘online by design.’ The proprietary technology offered by Watershed allows us to create a dynamic learning environment necessary for today’s leaders creating social change,” said Dr. Eileen Aranda, CLU President.  “In addition, we are launching three new courses with this partnership: Anti-Human Trafficking, Women Leading Change, and Beyond Bias—that will create a social impact in conjunction with an incredible learning experience.”


Watershed was founded on the mission to increase access to training in evidence-based, learner-centered pedagogy for K-12 teachers and beyond. This mission further extends to empower teachers in using their platform to both access and deliver instructional content and experiences more effectively. Their proprietary online learning platform and digital production services are available to mission-driven teachers and educational institutions. Watershed was just ranked one of the top five LMS platforms.


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