Claremont Lincoln University will Reach Milestone with Highest Student Enrollment

Claremont Lincoln University will reach a notable milestone in its school history by the end of 2018 with a record number of students enrolled in Master’s degree programs — an increase of 250% in ten months. This achievement will be marked with considerable reflection as it coincides with the first birthday after the passing of the university’s founder and benefactor, David C. Lincoln, who was born on November 10, 1925.  

“This accomplishment allows us to take a step back and remember David C. Lincoln’s legacy. Our efforts have been driven by his overarching vision to provide a socially conscious education to leaders and changemakers,” remarked Dr. Eileen Aranda, CLU President. “David Lincoln believed that the only true way to create societal change was through education.”  

Mr. Lincoln founded Claremont Lincoln University in 2011 with the desire to create a university that would equip today’s social engineers with the 21st century skills to create lasting social change with the capacity to multiply impact.

“We hear our students loud and clear – they have been waiting for an education with meaning that equips them to navigate the complex social and business environments of today,” stated CLU Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Mr. Joseph Sallustio. “David Lincoln’s vision is being brought to life through our incredible students and faculty.”

Claremont Lincoln University expects to see significant growth again in 2019 as the university expands both graduate and certificate course offerings.  CLU currently provides online Master’s degrees in Social Impact, Interfaith Action and Organizational Leadership with 5 concentration choices: Ethics, Human Resources, Healthcare, Civic Engagement and Higher Education.  Additionally, CLU’s certificate programs cover social impact issues of Anti-Human Trafficking, Unconscious Bias, and Women Leading Change. 

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