Dr. Carter Leads Session on Civil Dialogue at Chautauqua Institute

Claremont Lincoln University’s Dean of Organizational Leadership, Dr. David W. Carter, visited Chautauqua Institute this summer to lead a special talk on “muscular” civil dialogue.

The idea of a muscular civil dialogue was first introduced by Chautauqua Institute President Michael E. Hill. In a recent speech, Hill argued for “a ‘muscular’ (civil) dialogue for this time in our nation.”

Because a degree of ambiguity shrouded the concept of ‘muscular’ dialogue, Chautauqua Institute brought in CLU’s Dr. Carter, an authority on Ethical Leadership, in hopes of bringing the concept to life.

To start things off, Hill asked “How might we think about [muscular civil dialogue] in the context of community and nation? Our country’s at a place where we’re struggling to talk if we disagree.”

During the informative session, Dr. Carter promoted the Claremont Core — skills in Mindfulness, Dialogue, Collaboration, and Change — as necessary components to begin and maintain effective civil dialogue in a complex world.

Dr. Carter’s talk was split into four segments, each touching on one of these core values. The Claremont Core is central to CLU’s curriculum, and throughout the session Carter explained how each of these skills must be used in civic dialogue.

For instance, Dr. Carter highlighted mindfulness by saying “Mindfulness considers the other party. . . Mindfulness removes a judgmental barrier to civil dialogue.”

Having served in the Air Force, as a Police Officer, and in the National Park Service, Dr. Carter offered a breadth of leadership insight. He spoke on the importance of sound, ethical leadership as foundational in the pursuit of civic dialogue.

Currently, CLU offers an online Master’s degree program in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Civic Engagement. The program is designed for those who desire to lead in the public sector, and it equips graduates with the necessary skills to make a positive, sustainable impact on society.

Photo Credit: Cam Buker / Chautauqua Institution

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