Claremont Lincoln is committed to making education as accessible as possible. Affordably priced at only $1,800 per course, our programs are highly competitive among other master’s degree programs.

Students are only responsible for the price of tuition and books. In addition, students are invited to travel to Claremont for optional face-to-face learning opportunities during our Gathering Weekends

No hidden fees. No surprises.

Tuition Breakdown

Cost per unit: $600
Units per course: 3
Cost per course: $1,800
Number of courses: 10 (30 units)
Total Program Cost: $18,000

Payment Plan

A simple monthly payment plan is available to students who want to distribute costs over the duration of the term. At least one-third of tuition is due upon registration per term. Contact the Office of Admission at 909-667-4444 or for more information.

Financial Aid

Claremont Lincoln University offers both scholarships and Federal Direct Loans to eligible students in our Master’s Degree programs to assist with paying for tuition and other expenses.

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