President’s Committee on Interfaith Action

Bringing Global Interfaith Leaders Together for Peace

Claremont Lincoln University is bringing interfaith leaders from around the world together to promote peace with the establishment of the President’s Committee on Interfaith Action.

The university is committed to developing compassionate leaders to promote social change. It believes that religion can be both a source of conflict and healing, and that interfaith is a necessary step toward peace.

The committee brings prominent thought-leaders and change-makers together to explore the importance of global interfaith relations and the role of the interfaith practitioner in addressing key social justice issues that impact our world. Its goals include:

  • Exploring the changing face and importance of interfaith relations over the next five years;
  • Identifying global issues that will likely impact our world in 2020;
  • Understanding better the role interfaith practitioners must play in addressing these issues; and
  • Formulating a set of creative initiatives to enrich global interfaith activity.

Members meet regularly to discuss and evaluate the importance of interfaith action as an emerging skillset for leaders already working in faith-based organizations, religious communities and other public arenas such as governmental agencies, NGOs, and the civil service, and to formulate creative recommendations to combat polarization and injustice around the world.

President's Committee on Interfaith Action

The President’s Committee on Interfaith Action held its first meeting to discuss religious conflict, racism and a growing lack of civility and compassion in the world today. The recent meeting launched the development of ongoing relationships between leaders of various causes, all of whom are committed to taking part in a dialogue for collaboration and change.

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Committee Members