Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Claremont Lincoln University is to be a place where students learn how to treat others as they would like to be treated. Students learn the skills necessary to understand differences among religions, governments, other organizations, and individuals; how to respect those differences; and how to cooperate and collaborate with those of different viewpoints to resolve problems between them peacefully without violence. Our students will integrate self-knowledge with critical perspectives and contemporary skills to create sustainable social change—how to implement the golden rule. Claremont Lincoln University embeds the golden rule in the Claremont Core® which teaches the skills of mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration, and change.


The vision of Claremont Lincoln University is a world that lives by the golden rule; a world in which disputes between those that have conflicting views are addressed peacefully without violence.

Core Values

  • Compassion – Follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Integrity – Be consistent and transparent in our values, actions and outcomes.
  • Respect – Value and be mindful of other’s views and traditions.
  • Diligence – Have a commitment to continually improve and the strength to make a difference.
  • Individual Responsibility – Hold ourselves accountable; deliver on our promises.
  • Innovation – Strive to define new ways to make education better.
  • Loyalty – Support and allegiance to CLU
  • Social Impact – Make the world a better place.
  • Service – Provide a quality educational experience to all who encounter CLU.