The Lincolns

David & Joan LincolnThe University’s name honors two visionary, generous people: Joan and David Lincoln. The vision, passion, integrity, intellectual leadership and financial support provided by Joan and David Lincoln were key to the establishment of Claremont Lincoln University. The ongoing intellectual and business acumen provided by David guided the planning and direction of the University. Over the course of his life, David Lincoln (1925-2018) has worn many hats: engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, venture capitalist, education advocate, and non-profit leader. His companies and other interests have been tremendously successful, not only due to David’s entrepreneurship, business acumen and management practices, but also his ethical commitment to advancing the common good. In his usual clear and concise style, David often says, “Good ethics is good business.” But David could not have done it alone. Joan Lincoln (1927-2016), was a professional ceramist educated at Scripps College, and was active in the arts and community of Paradise Valley, Ariz., serving as an elected member of the city council and mayor. In arts and activism, she too made her mark. David and Joan used their successes to fund forward-thinking donations to a number of non-profits and educational institutions, including the John C. Lincoln Health Network, the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at Arizona State University, the Lincoln Center for Ethics at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Joan and David were particularly pleased with the idea of creating a university that reflects the power and potential of the Golden Rule, treating others as you would like to be treated. They believed the outcome of this approach to education will be tolerance and respect among different cultures & religions and the ability to better address global problems where collaboration and cooperation are needed to reach solutions and repair the world.