Engagement Skills for Creating a Sustainable Impact

In an increasingly interconnected world, leaders who want to make positive, sustainable change need to develop the critical perspectives and collaborative skills necessary to reach across traditional barriers of ideology, culture, geographical region, and economics. At CLU, we put development of these capabilities at the center of our degree programs and courses. The result is the Claremont Core®. Progress through the Core takes learners through a process of self-awareness and steadily evolves towards engagement with others and society at large. With the Claremont Core®, leaders will have the advanced knowledge, skills, and capabilities to be more effective change-makers.

The Distinctiveness of the Core

The Claremont Core® facilitates an integrated process of personal and professional development, empowering emerging leaders to manage diverse teams like never before, with the transferable, transformative skills of the Claremont Core® (mindful, resilient leadership, strategic communication, collaboration, and change).

The Claremont Core Courses Include Invitation to Inquiry: Introduction to the Claremont Core®, Activating the Claremont Core®: Research Methods, Strategic Communication: Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Applying the Core: CLU Capstone. These courses provide building blocks to create key skills in observation, inquiry, dialogue, collaboration, and change leadership.

Along with the leadership and professional writing skills developed in the Core courses, students also work on their original Capstone research projects along with faculty and their Capstone Mentor. Their Capstone work helps enhance their professional portfolios and expands opportunities for dialogue and engagement.

Contextualizing the Core: Students will be expected to draw on their own background and professional contexts in their courses and assignments, thereby synthesizing knowledge and skills for self-improvement and peer-to-peer engagement.

Collaboration Across Degrees: Learners have the opportunity to study alongside, and learn from, peers from the other degree programs who work in other sectors. This intentional opportunity for cross-sector interaction allows for creative possibilities for collaboration both in and out of the classroom.

Claremont Core® Skills

Be present, attentive, and aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your capacity to cultivate compassionate change.
three people sitting at a table having a conversation emphasizing the importance of dialogue

Communicate in a way that welcomes diverse perspectives, reframes conflict, and results in achievable solutions.

a group of people emphasizing the importance of collaboration
Facilitate co-creative dialogue to manage interpersonal and organizational challenges and bring stakeholders to consensus.
a globe accompanied by a settings cog to emphasize the importance of change

Combine mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration to generate positive and sustainable change in society.