2017 Digital Conference

On September 12-13, the Center for Religion, Culture and Foreign Affairs (CSRCFA) hosted the 2017 Digital Conference. Over 400 people registered for the event, in addition to 100 who attended in-person at six partner institutions across the United States. Those partnering institutions included Georgetown University, Conflict Resolution Program; Global Strategists Association; University of Southern California, Office of Religious Life; University of Kentucky, Patterson School of Diplomacy & International Commerce; and Oakwood University, The Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations.

The theme of this year’s Digital Conference was, “Navigating a World in Transition: Creating New Maps for Foreign Affairs.” In an era where the world has seen major disruptive changes occurring at increasing rates of speed for many decades, many of our long-held models and worldviews and maps of how to see and make sense of the world no longer work. The inclusion of the study and impact of culture and religion can be a major step in navigating the world’s complexity and interconnectedness and for the important field of foreign affairs.

“Today, it is imperative that we as scholars and practitioners exercise a mindful approach to rethink, reframe, and respond to these changes and to create new maps to navigate a world in transition, ” stated Dr. Darrell Ezell, Founding Director of the Center for Religion, Culture and Foreign Affairs, in his opening address on Day 1 of the Digital Conference.

Over the span of two days, 25+ foreign policy experts, notable speakers, and prominent academics explored topics such as:

  • Faith & Culture at a Crossroad: Exploring the Changing Landscape of Foreign Affairs
  • Religious/Cultural Humility and International Security
  • Distinguished Scholar/Practitioner Roundtable
  • Increasing Global Engagement of Minority Leaders in Foreign Affairs
  • Women of Faith in Peacebuilding
  • Religion in Public Life: Exploring the Political Landscape
  • Preparing Tomorrow’s Foreign Affairs Practitioners

You can watch an excerpt from the 2017 Digital Conference, the Distinguished Scholar/Practitioner Roundtable, below:

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